My Inspiration Notebook

By Ellen Pitts / October 6, 2017

I’ve written before about the gold notebook that sits on my desk. I call it my Inspiration Journal. Whenever I come across a piece of wisdom or encouragement, I copy it and put it in my journal. It has articles, quotes from famous people, a coloring page I did as a relaxation exercise (the colors are so pretty!), and a poem that my son Preston wrote for me years ago when life was throwing some real zingers at us and I must have appeared stressed. The first line in it is:

Light can guide you anywhere from the stars to the sun

Except he spelled guide g-u-i-l-d. But the meaning was still awfully sweet.

Whenever I’m frustrated or overwhelmed or sad or depressed, I take out the journal and read. It has never failed to give me perspective. I always feel more focused and energized to tackle whatever it is that I’m struggling with.

I often come across videos that also inspire me. They’re usually graduation speeches. Why is it that at graduation, we always give encouragement but so much of the rest of life focuses on everything wrong with the world. That’s a question for another day. For now, my new digital inspiration journal. A collection of videos that inspire and encourage. Feel free to bookmark and visit them when you’re down.

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